I’ll admit, Pinterest started out as a bit of a mystery to me. I came up in the world of pre-Tumblr blogs where people wrote about original things, from their own heads, with their own images. Using words and lots of them. An occasional picture was a nice accompaniment, but it wasn’t the main thrust of the post.  So now, trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to help our company, with its repinnings and content culled from other people, has taken some getting used to.  I’m dating myself a little, I know.  I think of blogs and I think original content — but I’m coming around to the fact that people can run entire Tumblrs by just aggregating other people’s stuff and develop a quality following doing it.

I’ve been going through and finding art and apps (and cupcakes) that I really like and pinning them, and I figure that’s a good way to start – by finding what jumps out as being cool.  Luckily there’s a ton of good art and talent out there and it’s a pleasure to re-pin it in hopes it’ll help showcase it to a wider audience.  And that’s the goal, right?  That all of these things that we’re all repinning and sharing will reach as big an audience as possible, to showcase the cool stuff of the world to the maximum number of eyeballs.  Because it is a jungle out there for sure, and it’s hard to wade through the thickest parts without a little help.


So how do I use Pinterest to our full advantage, and how can you use it to yours? I think going in with the philosophy that we’re helping people and they’re helping us is a good one.  You can check out ours here and tell us how we’re doing:


So let’s go “fill our feeds” and help ourselves and help our friends at the same time, and in the process we might just find a few of our favorite new things.