What does it feel like to be 48 hours away from a Kickstarter launch?  In a word, nervewracking!  We’ve been working towards this day for a long while now, and we think we’re pretty prepared.  But we also aren’t so naive that we don’t expect to hit some roadblocks and hurdles in this next month.  But until then, in this pre-launch nailbiting waiting zone, here are just a couple of cool things that we’ve found while prepping our Kickstarter.

1. People are helpful.  I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that people would be so awesome and giving when it comes to advice, and connecting us to other people who would help us, and tweeting about us and sharing about us. We know how valuable everyone’s time is, and the fact that our friends old and new have been so giving of it has been really inspirational.

2. The Kickstarter team has been encouraging and supportive and they seem like they really have it together.  Our campaign got approved in three hours!  We were pretty stoked about that.

3. There’s a ton of good advice on the internet about how to run a successful campaign.  So much so that we cobbled together what made sense to us from many different advice articles and crafted a plan specific to our goals. We are so fortunate to have so much good, free information at our fingertips (read: Tim Ferris, Nathaniel Hansen). These guys have spent hours (days!) crafting awesome how-tos for all of us, and they’re very much worth studying before you begin.

Now we must get on with it – still more prep work to be done.  See you live at Kickstarter in 48!