About Mighty Yeti Studios

Mighty Yeti Studios is a creator-owned animation studio that makes original, all-ages content. We are currently developing multiple projects including animated series, short films, feature films, and graphic novels. We have produced multiple books, mobile games, and animated series.

Based in Burbank and the Bay Area, our team of talented artists and animators is spread across the globe in places like Canada, Spain, India, and China. We have built a CG animation pipeline using the real-time rendering technology of the Unreal Engine, with keyframe animation in Maya.

We have three different content labels: Tiny Yeti for preschoolers, Mighty Yeti for family audiences, and an unannounced label for mature audiences. We have contributed to projects for major entertainment studios, including Nickelodeon and Sony, as well as for undisclosed projects. As a full-service studio, we can provide consulting services for game and animation productions, as well as creative direction and animation production services for projects of all sizes and budgets. Work with us to bring your creative vision to life!