About Mighty Yeti Studios

Mighty Yeti is an independent animation studio developing original IP including animated properties and graphic novels. Mighty Yeti is dedicated to creating true transmedia properties and franchises that move seamlessly across formats.

Mighty Yeti has released two interactive storybook apps, four ebooks, and three games featuring artwork, animation, and audio from top animation and entertainment industry talent. Our next IPs are underway and will be coming soon in our Mighty Yeti comic books and graphic novels!

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Josh Book
Josh BookCo-Founder / Chief Creative Officer
A veteran of the TV animation industry, Josh oversaw CG animation on the hit animated TV shows “Bubble Guppies” and “The Penguins of Madagascar”, and the pilot for Disney Junior’s “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West”. Josh brings his interactive and games experience from years at Electronic Arts and most recently as Art Director for “Marvel Heroes.” Josh loves animation and storytelling and is very excited to bring Mighty Yeti’s projects to life. www.JoshBook.com

Jennie Book
Jennie BookCo-Founder / Creative Partner
Jennie works on the writing end of the Mighty Yeti crew, so if your kids are laughing while they’re reading, then Jennie has done her job well. With a start in traditional print publishing, Jennie is really excited to bring her stories to life with sound and animation. As a mother of two young children, she’s very tuned in to what engages kids and helps them grow, learn, and have fun.