Mr. Cupcake kids storybook app is launched on App Store, Kindle, Google Play!

We’re happy to announce that “Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles” has officially launched on the Apple App Store for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, at Amazon for Kindle Fire, […]

Voice recording our apps

Yesterday we voice recorded two of our storybook apps – “A Shark Knocked on the Door” and “Maggie Is Afraid of Monsters”. We were […]

Mighty Yeti Stuffed Felt Toy

We’re gearing up to do a Kickstarter at the end of January for our interactive storybook apps, and around here we’ve been talking a lot […]

Holiday Likes #5: Visiting Family

Fun times with family!

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Holiday Likes #4: Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties! Work, Friends, Family, Neighborhood, Monster… what’s your favorite type?

Holiday Likes #3: Dancer the Reindeer

Rudolph gets all the hype, but Dancer seems pretty cool!

Holiday Likes #2: Grandma’s Cheek Pinches

Do you now or have you had a Grandma in your life that liked to pinch or pat your cheeks? Maybe you are that Grandma! […]

Holiday Likes #1: The Perfect Gift

We’re doing a fun count down (up?) with favorite Holiday Likes over at the Mighty Yeti Facebook page:

#1: The Perfect Gift