We’re happy to announce that “Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles” has officially launched on the Apple App Store for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, at Amazon for Kindle Fire, and on Google Play for Android devices.  It’s $2.99 on all platforms, is great for kids ages 2-8, has over 70 interactive touch points, features a full cast of professionally-voiced characters, and will read to you in English or Spanish.  And if your friend has an iPad and you want to send them a nice present, it’s very easy to gift, too. (In a drop-down menu right next to the “Buy” button.)

If you prefer a more traditional reading experience, “Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles” is also available as an iBook at Apple’s iBooks, and at Amazon as an eBook.

Check it out, leave a review, tell your friends!   We hope you enjoy Mr. Cupcake.