Holiday Likes #4: Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties! Work, Friends, Family, Neighborhood, Monster… what’s your favorite type?

Holiday Likes #3: Dancer the Reindeer

Rudolph gets all the hype, but Dancer seems pretty cool!

Pinterest, social media, and you (and us)

I’ll admit, Pinterest started out as a bit of a mystery to me. I came up in the world of pre-Tumblr blogs where people wrote […]

Holiday Likes #2: Grandma’s Cheek Pinches

Do you now or have you had a Grandma in your life that liked to pinch or pat your cheeks? Maybe you are that Grandma! […]

Holiday Likes #1: The Perfect Gift

We’re doing a fun count down (up?) with favorite Holiday Likes over at the Mighty Yeti Facebook page:

#1: The Perfect Gift

More storybook process.

Many, many (many, many) different things go into the making of an app, and in the last entry I started off talking about writing, and […]

The process of making a storybook app.

I’m thinking maybe some of you out there are interested in making an app of your own either as a creative outlet, or for supplemental […]

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles!

Mr. Cupcake’s secret, you ask? Are you sure you want to know? You’re ready for it?

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles! (Which also happens to be […]

Mighty Yeti Pumpkin

Yesterday our town had a GIANT PUMPKIN weigh-off with a 1985 lb. winner! They wouldn’t let us draw on it, so we did this instead.

Meet Mr. Cupcake

Meet Mr. Cupcake! He’s the star of one of our forthcoming storybook apps. He’s a fun loving guy, but he has a dark secret. What […]