Voice recording our apps

Yesterday we voice recorded two of our storybook apps - "A Shark Knocked on the Door" and "Maggie Is Afraid [...]

Voice recording our apps2021-04-02T13:48:24-07:00

Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Our Kickstarter campaign is launched. Please check it out! Also if you don't mind sharing, we made it really easy [...]

Kickstarter Campaign Launched!2021-04-02T13:48:25-07:00

More storybook process.

Many, many (many, many) different things go into the making of an app, and in the last entry I started [...]

More storybook process.2021-04-02T13:48:26-07:00

Mighty Yeti Pumpkin

Yesterday our town had a GIANT PUMPKIN weigh-off with a 1985 lb. winner! They wouldn't let us draw on it, [...]

Mighty Yeti Pumpkin2013-10-24T04:34:16-07:00

Meet Mr. Cupcake

Meet Mr. Cupcake! He’s the star of one of our forthcoming storybook apps. He’s a fun loving guy, but he [...]

Meet Mr. Cupcake2021-04-02T13:48:26-07:00
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