Voice recording our apps

Yesterday we voice recorded two of our storybook apps – “A Shark Knocked on the Door” and “Maggie Is Afraid of Monsters”. We were […]

Taking a break to get out for a Meetup

We spend a lot of time with our heads buried in our keyboards and screens around here, so we sometimes forget that a lot of […]

Kickstarter Reward: Felt Mighty Yeti Heads

We have four days to go on our Kickstarter —


— and we’re biting our nails a little!  People have been generous and awesome with their […]

48 Hours Until Kickstarter Launch

What does it feel like to be 48 hours away from a Kickstarter launch?  In a word, nervewracking!  We’ve been working towards this day for […]

Kickstarter and crowdfunding explained.

Last week I wrote a post about interactive storybook apps, what that means and what they are, after realizing that not everybody was familiar with […]

Mighty Yeti Stuffed Felt Toy

We’re gearing up to do a Kickstarter at the end of January for our interactive storybook apps, and around here we’ve been talking a lot […]

Storybook apps, explained.

Sometimes when you’re doing creative things, whether it’s writing a book or a play or designing a product you think will solve people’s problems, what […]

These are your kids on books.

We like books. And burningthroughpages.org seems like a pretty great organization.

Things we like.

We’re big fans of Goldieblox around here.  But then again it would be hard to find parents of a four year old girl who know […]

Pinterest, social media, and you (and us)

I’ll admit, Pinterest started out as a bit of a mystery to me. I came up in the world of pre-Tumblr blogs where people wrote […]